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Next Door Investments: Investment Property research done for you. Investors! Save time and maximize your earning potential by choosing a Investment property sales company that does the hard work for you. How you plan on using the property can have a big impact on it’s value. Our listing are hand selected only after we determine the investment properties’ highest and best use. We have an in-house team of professionals that source out the absolute best investment property deals. We take much of the guess work out of the buying process. We can even provide full inspection and a property repair estimate before you even make your purchase.


Minimize your risks when buying an investment property.

As you may know, buying an investment property is never a risk free process. NDI has in-house tools and custom data that helps us determine the best deals for our buyers. Of course, we always insure our properties have no liens and are property zoned for your specific needs. We work with new and experienced investors alike. So if you are looking for a partner for investment property opportunities, you are at the right place. We stand out from our competition because we have access to a exclusive “insider list” which contains many properties that are exclusive to NDI. Stop searching for investment properties via the same online / public resources that are available and being used by your competition. If you want to find the best investment property deals, you won’t find them online.


How does NDI get it’s exclusive “insider lists”?

We realize that finding a good investment property deal isn’t easy for most investors. NDI has spent millions in marketing research & strategy in order to find the best deals and the most motivated sellers. All of our research is done in house, with our own marketing team. We take investment properties seriously and it’s important to us that you know this. That’s why NDI is the premier choice for real estate investors in Houston and surrounding areas. Our marketing efforts serve as our secret weapon in the industry and we have yet to find another investment property sales company with similar capabilities.


Investment Properties that don’t require your repairs.

Yes, you heard us right. Many investment properties will require at least some repairs. Getting a proper estimate can make or break your profits and we want to ensure that you get as much as possible for your investment. Outside from our insider list, we have another secret weapon. And this weapon is our direct relationship with our own private repair company. This allows us to provide some of the lowest cost repair solutions for your investment property. You can even get a full home inspection and repair estimate to ensure you are maximizing your profit potential. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to us today so we can answer all of your questions and to get access to our insider list.

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