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Next Door investments takes pride in streamlining the buying process of investment properties.


Investors! Save time and maximize your profits, work with NDI! We have a professional team ready to discuss your current and future business goals. Located in Houston, Texas, we have access to thousands of listings belonging to motivated sellers. If you’ve been working in the real estate investing world, you will know that the most important aspect to ensuring maximum profits is being able to hunt out great deals. We have mastered this art. And yes, we pass along the savings to our buyers. We are proud of our real estate professional / investor partnerships and being their direct connection into some of the best real estate investment buys available in Houston and surrounding areas.


We are not your average property investment company. In the real estate market of Houston and surrounding areas our services are not as common as you might think. Unlike most investment property purchasers locally, NDI does not work under a real-estate broker. This is mainly because real estate brokers lack the knowledge of the ins and outs of property management. Without the proper legal & management system in place, regardless of how great of a deal you received on a property is, there are many areas of possible failure.


At Next Door Investments, we wanted to create an easy, online accessible area to shop. A no pressure zone where you will not find any online agent trying to pressure you on a sales call. The typical agent won’t have any interest in making sure you have the correct management and strategies in place to ensure a successful investment.

Our services are not to be confused with “house flipping” in where someone buys a property to turn around a sell it for profit without making the appropriate repairs. NDI has our own in house maintenance company that ensures you are purchasing investment properties with the highest resale potential. Purchasing an investment property from a house flipper can cause you to run into issues with maximizing your earning potential. There are many moving pieces to successful wholesaling. NDI takes the biggest moving pieces and helps put them together for our clients, ensuring your investment is in good hands the first day of your purchase.


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Property Investors Choose NDI for:

  • Wholesale Properties
  • Discount Real-Estate
  • Multi-Family Units
  • REO Properties
  • Bank Owned Properties
  • Investment Properties
  • Income Properties
  • Foreclosures
  • Low Competition Properties
  • & More

You can browse our available properties online or you can call us and let us know what you’re in the market for. We will send you a list of properties that are in-line with your current needs and help determine the best properties and plan available. We are locally owned and operated so we can either setup your showing or preview the property, provide custom photos and a detailed list of what items will be required (if any) to make the property listable / rentable.


NDI offers all of the above services and solutions at absolutely no charge!


We understand that the wholesaling business can be overwhelming and complicated especially when first entering. We are also aware that there are many moving parts and important required skills that must be mastered in order to maximize profitability. It is our mission to build strong relationships with our buyers. So if you are an established successful buyer or if you are looking to become one, send us a message or give us a call today!